Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of My Motivation Hypnosis:

  1. The purchaser (Purchaser) of any personal hypnosis products (gift cards excluded) agrees that they are the intended user of the product.
  2. Purchaser will not recreate or redistribute the forms, interview process, or any downloadable assets that they receive from MyMotivationHypnosis.com or Christina.
  3. Purchaser understands that prior to starting the interview process, the Pre-Interview process must be completed. The Pre-Interview process includes:
    1. Collecting the contact information of any doctors that the Purchaser is currently seeing for the same issue that the Purchaser seeks help through hypnotherapy.
    2. Christina getting signed approval from all doctors listed by Purchaser.
    3. Purchaser electronically signing the Patient Consent Form that is emailed to them.
    4. Christina counter-signing the Patient Consent Form.
  4. Purchaser understands that the duration of the Pre-Interview process depends on the time it takes for their doctor(s) to approve hypnotherapy.
  5. Purchaser agrees to accept the approval/disapproval of hypnotherapy as determined by their doctor(s).
  6. Purchaser agrees to the right of Christina to deny service if she feels that hypnotherapy is not the right option for the Purchaser.
  7. Purchaser is entitled to a full refund if any of their doctor(s) disapprove of hypnotherapy for Purchaser.
  8. Purchaser is entitled to a full refund if Christina determines not to provide hypnotherapy to Purchaser.
  9. If Purchaser decides they would like a refund before completing the Pre-Interview process, the Purchaser is entitled to a full refund.
  10. After completing the Pre-Interview process and before completing the Interview process, Purchaser is entitled to a refund equal to the purchase price less a $20 administration fee (refund = purchase price – $20).
  11. Purchaser understands that the Interview process takes place through an online platform, through a self-guided series of questions.
  12. Purchaser understands that Christina is not present or available during the Interview process.
  13. Purchaser understands that their Interview process is complete once they submit the online interview that Christina sent Purchaser a link to upon completion of the Pre-Interview process.
  14. Purchaser agrees to give Christina three U.S. business days after the completion of their Interview to complete their personalized hypnosis recordings.
  15. Purchaser understands that they are not entitled to a refund of their purchase once Christina has begun to customize the Purchaser’s personalized hypnosis.
  16. Purchaser understands that Christina is not a medical professional nor a doctor of any kind.
  17. Purchaser understands that hypnotherapy is not a cure and hypnotherapy is not a medicine.