Relaxation Hypnosis


Reduce stress and anxiety with a personalized hypnosis. By using what individually motivates you, I will deliver an MP3 recording that you will use to change your stress and anxiety-inducing thoughts and patterns into relaxing and calming thoughts and patterns.

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By purchasing the personal Relaxation hypnosis, you get a single recorded hypnosis that I will develop especially for you. The customization of your hypnosis begins with you completing an online interview process. It’s completely up to you when and where you decide to complete your interview process; it should only take about 20 minutes once you’ve completed the pre-interview process.

After completing the online interview, I will review all of the information that you’ve provided and then sit down to make your custom hypnosis. Your hypnosis and accompanying instructions on how to use your hypnosis will be delivered within 3 business days of you completing your interview. Your hypnosis will be delivered as an MP3 via a secure online folder. A link to the folder will be sent to the email address you provide during the interview process.

IMPORTANT: Do not listen to your hypnosis while doing anything that you could injure yourself or others if you were to fall asleep while doing.