Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and I have answers. 

Does hypnosis really work?

I have seen the benefits of hypnotherapy through my own experience, training, and practice. Hypnotherapy is also becoming mainstream as medical research continues to show its effectiveness.

How do I know I am a good candidate for hypnosis?

If you come to hypnotherapy with an open mind and imagination, with a positive intention towards change and growth, and participate in the sessions in an expectant manner, the more effective hypnosis will be.

What is entailed in the Pre-Interview Process?

Before I start the interview process with you, there are some i’s to dot and t’s to cross. First and foremost, I need to coordinate approvals from any medical professionals that you might be seeing for the same issue that you are seeking hypnotherapy for. Second, there is a Patient Consent form that I need you to electronically sign before I start getting to know your motivations and creating your personalized hypnosis.

If you are seeing a medical professional, then completing the pre-interview process will depend on what and when I hear back from your doctor(s).

If you are not seeing a medical professional, then the pre-interview process will normally take less than 24 hours, as I will review and counter-sign your Patient Consent form and then send you a link to start the interview process.

How does a virtual session compare to an in-person session?

In both a virtual session and in-person session you will receive a personalized hypnotherapy session that is developed through an interview process about your goals. In an in-person session, you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your answers, which has its benefits. Yet, with a virtual session, where you can go through the interview process at your own convenience, you will have more time to think about what your goals are and how to achieve them.

Will I be unconscious?

You will not lose consciousness and will be able to end the session at any moment. In fact the goal is to be more aware and focused. Sometimes a client falls asleep during a session, and that is just fine. If you are concerned you might fall asleep during your listening session and need to be somewhere afterwards, I suggest setting an alarm before you start your hypnosis recording.

Why can’t I listen to hypnosis while I am driving?

In hypnosis, we try to achieve a state of deep relaxation. Sometimes this state of relaxation can lead to a state of sleepiness or sleep. Therefore, we recommend you not listen to your recordings while driving or operating equipment that could pose risk of injury.

Are you going to hypnotize me to cluck like a chicken?

Only if you want to…just kidding. Seriously speaking, of course not. The hypnotherapy recordings that I provide are generated based on how you answer the interview questions.

Have Another Question?

Please reach out if you’re considering hypnotherapy for yourself or for a loved one. I’m happy to answer any lingering questions and make sure you’re comfortable before moving forward with hypnotherapy.