Personalized Hypnotherapy Programs

Hypnotherapy works best when it’s personal

I’ve made these specially developed hypnotherapy programs to help you receive customized hypnotherapy—based on your very own motivations—on your schedule, from wherever you may be. If you are unsure what hypnotherapy or if it’s right for you, continue scrolling down, otherwise check out the programs I offer below.

What Is Hypnotherapy

Therapeutic hypnotherapy is a method for addressing the patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that block you from experiencing life with a sense of ease and wellbeing. It is a means of self-empowerment. Through hypnotherapy, you develop your ability to be more aware of and to generate antidotes to the thoughts and sensations that hold you back from reaching your goals.

Many people do not know that hypnosis is a normal and natural state of mind. It is a state of mind that you experience many times a day: when you daydream, just before you fall asleep, and when you become so absorbed in something that you lose awareness of your surroundings.

Scientific research has identified four categories of brain states, each of which can be measured by electroencephalography (EEG). The first is the Beta brain state, the state of being fully awake and alert. The second is the Alpha brain state, when we are relaxed or daydreaming. The third is the Theta brain state, the state of being deeply relaxed or dreaming. Finally, the fourth is the Delta brain state, the state of being dreamless or unconscious. Hypnosis occurs during the Alpha and Theta brain states, when you are deeply relaxed and conscious enough to be receptive to suggestion.  In this deeply relaxed state we have greater access to the subconscious mind, which is where our patterns of thought and behavior are stored. By accessing the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy, we can set in motion new patterns of thought and behavior that are more beneficial to our wellbeing.


Is Hypnotherapy Right for You

Hypnotherapy has long been utilized for adjunct treatment of emotional stress, pain relief, and behavior modification. David Spiegel, MD, director of the Center on Stress and Health, and Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine states in an article published on March 10, 2015 by Stanford Medicine’s SCOPE publication, “When hypnotized, you put outside of awareness what would normally be in consciousness (dissociation), and become less likely to judge what people tell you (suggestibility). The idea of this often makes people nervous, because we’re evolved to respond to nuanced social cues. But a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that overcoming this nervousness can yield a wealth of health benefits.” Health outcomes are such that hypnosis is now a part of treatment protocols at integrative medicine clinics around the country, such as Stanford Health Care in California, Sinai Beth Israel in New York, and Mercy Hospitals in Missouri.

Scientific research about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy is still growing. One area of research focuses on who is hypnotizable and why a person is open to suggestion. David Spiegel, MD, believes that a quarter of his patients are not able to reach the state of hypnosis. Whereas the father of hypnotherapy, Milton H. Erickson, believed that everyone has some level of hypnotizability if the hypnotist is skillful enough. Steven Lynn, professor of psychology at Binghamton University (SUNY), who studies hypnosis as a supplemental treatment methodology to psychotherapy, has found that the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to an individual depends on the person’s motivation, expectations, beliefs, and imagination.

If you come to hypnotherapy with an open mind and imagination, with a positive intention towards change and growth, and participate in the sessions in an expectant manner, the more effective hypnosis will be.

How Does My Motivation
Hypnosis Work

My Motivation Hypnosis works similarly to visiting a hypnotherapist in person, but with all the conveniences of doing it on your schedule and in your home. When you purchase a program, you will be provided a link to an online interview that will guide you through the process of identifying your motivations and lay the foundation for your personalized hypnosis. Once you’ve completed the interview process, Christina will record your hypnotic induction recording(s).

Your hypnotherapy recording(s) will guide you to a deep state of relaxation followed by post-hypnotic suggestions. Post-hypnotic suggestions are statements that express how your goals will play out in day-to-day life. For example, if your goal is to stop smoking, Christina will include suggestions that describe the new healthier habits you wish to engage instead of smoking. The post-hypnotic suggestions included in your recording(s) are developed through a written online interview process. Finally, each recording concludes with prompts to bring you back to the state of normal wakefulness (except for the restful sleep hypnosis).

Success Stories

Read the stories of my clients that illustrate the power of hypnotherapy:
Breck C.
Christina is a well-trained and gifted hypnotherapist. She is authentic, non-judgmental with strong creative intuition, observant and attentive. These qualities allow her to create an environment of safety and bonding so that in our sessions together I could relive traumatic experiences of my past or examine difficult relationships and gain insight and compassion.

This is a powerful and life changing way to re-wire the brain’s experience. I don’t understand completely how this works in the brain but I can attest that a different emotion becomes possible. I feel changed by Christina’s work with me. I am more relaxed, I think I am kinder and for sure, recasting those memories loosened a bunch of anchors (negative emotions) allowing me much greater freedom. Our sessions together taught me that it’s important to be aware of our reactions because they can be undone and replaced, perhaps generating kindness to ourselves and then finding it in others.

M. Santos
Christina has helped me several times through the use of hypnosis.  While I was undergoing cancer treatment, she recorded several inductions to help me with anxiety and to support my immune system. I found the regular use of the inductions to be a helpful part of my overall strategy for healing.

Christina approached our work together with compassion, skillful means and a solid understanding of how hypnosis might benefit my situation. I continue to be grateful for her support during that time and can recommend her work to others.

Susan K.
A few years ago I needed to have a hip replacement. I had injured myself as a young teenager and had two somewhat traumatic surgeries which fixed the initial problem but left me with a degenerating joint. I was terrified of another surgery—wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat terrified. I’d put it off for years, but I couldn’t take a single step without assistance. I was in nearly constant pain.

When I scheduled the surgery, Christina offered to do hypnotherapy with me. I didn’t know anything about hypnotherapy, but I’ve known Christina since 2000 and so I knew of her integrity, her patience and, most important in this situation, her gentle kindness. She is a profoundly healing presence and so I was confident that hypnotherapy with her would help me.

We did four sessions together: first we did a general relaxation session. I still use this tape and it never fails to help me get calm and clear. We also did one pre-surgery session with specific visualizations. It was magical. I remember rolling into the operating theater and thinking, ‘this is just how I had hoped it would be—congenial, friendly, respectful of me as a patient and of each other as medical professionals.’ The surgery went perfectly.

After surgery Christina met with me twice more creating healing sessions to help me rebuild my strength. She also helped me identify and overcome the emotional damage I didn’t even realize had been a corollary to my physical disability. Slowly, she helped me articulate and heal each piece of my wounded self-image. I will be forever grateful to Christina for her help and I would recommend her without the slightest reservation.

Cathy S.
I highly recommend Christina’s hypnosis sessions. Christina and I interacted over a number of meetings. She guided me through several hypnosis sessions and then made me a recorded session that I could use in my own. I was able to find a deeper level of relaxation that supported my day to day well being and also enhanced the quality of my sleep. I benefited a lot from working with Christina!

My Hypnosis Programs

Each program delivers you a personalized hypnotherapy program, which is made up of one to three recordings that you can listen to with any MP3 compatible device.


Reduce stress and anxiety with a personalized hypnosis. By using what individually motivates you, I will deliver an MP3 recording that you will use to change your stress and anxiety-inducing thoughts and patterns into relaxing and calming thoughts and patterns.


Transform your life by reducing and hopefully eliminating your cravings to smoke. By using your unique motivations, I will deliver three MP3 recordings that you will use to transform your thoughts and patterns around smoking into more healthy and beneficial ones.

Healthy Eating

Increase self-control and reduce cravings with a personalized hypnosis. By using what uniquely motivates you, I will deliver your hypnosis as three MP3 recordings. This hypnosis will help you transform your thoughts and patterns around food into healthier and more beneficial ones.